Admission & Tuition​



School hours

The Academy of Georgian Heritage offers Sunday classes from 11 am till 4 pm.


Age Requirement & Groups

Students are placed in classes based on age and knowledge of the Georgian language. We are currently enrolling students ages 3-15.


Application Process


To begin the admission process, please complete registration form.

​We will notify you via email once your application is processed.





Georgian langage and literature (2 hours per week) - $70 per month.

Math class (1hour per week) - $60 per month.

Art class (1 hour per week) - $60 per month.

Chess class (1 hour per week) - $60 per month.

Georgian dance (1.5 hours per week) - $60 per month.


Please have a check payable to the Academy of Georgian Herritage and bring it to school  administration during regular school hours.

To request more information:


Tamara Kalandiya

(202) 570-5659

You can also request more information with this form: