Londa Khaburzania (Georgian Language and Literature). Londa was born in 1972 in Zugdidi, Georgia, and subsequently moved to Tbilisi where she graduated from school.  She always had a fascination for Georgian culture and language and ultimately followed in her mother's footsteps, earning a degree in philology from Tbilisi State University. After graduation, Londa taught Georgian language at a private school.

Passion for her native language did not extinguish after she emigrated from Georgia. Londa continued to teach Georgian language to children from within the diaspora, and proudly raised her own three children as fluent readers, writers and speakers of Georgian.

Londa and her family have lived as immigrants outside of Georgia for nearly 12 years and understand the challenges of living abroad. She firmly believes that her continued commitment to remembering and retaining her Georgian heritage, culture, and language has been critical to her family's success and well-being.  She is delighted to have the opportunity to teach more children from within the diaspora, thereby growing and strengthening the Georgian community in the United States.

Eka English (Grade 2). Eka English was born in 1974 and is a proud mother of three. Eka completed a five-year program in Kutaisi State University, earning a degree in biology. She moved to the States in 2006 after getting married. Her professional experience includes teaching biology in Georgia and spending over ten years working with children of all ages, which included leading children and youth clubs through civil society organizations.  Eka also has extensive experience working with homeless and troubled children. Eka is currently a stay-at-home mom caring for her children. 

Ruska Kakalashvili (Grade 1)

George Tkabladze (Art). George was born in Kutaisi, Georgia. In 1996, he received an Associate degree in sculpture from I. Nicoladze Art College, in addition to a BFA and MFA in sculpture from the Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts.  He served as a senior lecturer of sculpture, drawing and composition at the Georgia State Institute of Art and Culture, teaching undergraduate and graduate students. He also served as the Chairman of the Young Sculptors' Union of Georgia. In 2001, after he received several Artist-in-Residency grants in the US, he decided to stay and continue his art career here. Currently, he runs his own studio, where he teaches sculpting; wood and stone carving; and drawing and mold-making at The Art League School Alexandria, VA. 

Since 1993, George has participated in more than sixty national and international exhibitions and biennials and has received numerous awards and grants. His works are kept in galleries and private collections in the US, the Netherlands, Greece, United Kingdom, and Georgia.

Please explore Gia'sgallery by visiting http://www.giatkabladze.com/



Tea Okropiridze (Art).  Tea was born in Tbilisi, Georgia.  She started her art education at the age of 12 at the Tbilisi Art Lyceum. In 1994, she graduated from I. Nicoladze Art College's sculpture department. In 2002, Tea received an MFA and BFA in Artistic Waving/Tapestry from the State University of Art and Culture, and shortly after that, moved to the US.  Since 2004, she and her husband have run their own studio located in Manassas, VA. She also teaches tapestry weaving classes and conducts workshops at The Art League School – Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria and the Workhouse Art Center in Lorton, Virginia.
Since 1999, she has participated in numerous national and international exhibitions in the US, Georgia, and Europe.

Please explore Tea's gallery by visiting http://tea.giatkabladze.com/

Shota Migineishvili (Math)Shota was born in 1972 in Tbilisi, Georgia. Thanks to exceptional teachers, Shota became passionate about math at an early age, a passion that would help guide his life in years to come. Shota graduated from a math and physics high school and subsequenly earned a degree in Applied Mathematics from Tbilisi State University. Later he completed  the postgraduate program in economics and the doctoral program in quantitative finance at the University of Vienna, Austria, where he became a teaching fellow in the faculty of finance.

Shota considers math to be an essential aspect of everyone’s life. Understanding contemporary natural and social disciplines requires a strong foundation in mathematical skills. Moreover, American schools and universities place an especially high value on analytical skills.  Shota's approach focuses on the development of analytical skills through math education. He considers it a great pleasure to work with children to grow these essential life skills, and thereby take part in the process of shaping their successful future.

Father Joseph (Ramishvili) (Faith)

Fr. Joseph was born in Tbilisi. He graduated from the Tbilisi institute of foreign languages, the Institute of theatre and cinema, and the Orthodox Christian seminary in Odessa, Ukraine. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Arts from Rutgers State University, where he’s currently working towards his Master’s degree. He is a father of four children. Fr. Joseph joined the Georgian church after serving at the Orthodox Church in America for 13 years. He was first ordained a deacon, then a priest by Metropolitan Dimitri at Tskhimvana Monastery in Georgia.   Fr. Joseph believes that raising a well-balanced, successful individual can only be achieved through the foundation on faith. Our Orthodox Christian faith is that force that unites our people as it has united us throughout centuries, and preserved the Georgian identity. Fr. believes that Christian studies will teach children love of Georgia and it will form a strong bond with a delicate psyche.  

Irakli Khobelia (Dance)

Veronica Metonidze (Dance)