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Thank you for visiting the Academy of Georgian Heritage website.

We invite you to explore the information on this website to learn more about our school.  We are grateful for your interest.

Explore Our Classrooms
Georgian Language and Literature


      Our courses are designed to help students attain an acceptable level of proficiency in listening and speaking Georgian language. Reading and writing skills are actively exercised. The objective of our courses is to attain a functional level of proficiency by incorporating conversational and written activities, and using extensive vocabulary.  As spoken vocabulary builds, so too does reading and writing vocabulary. Writing skills will teach students to communicate clearly, whether to convey information or express ideas and feelings. Read-aloud sessions enhance language skills along with an appreciation for literature.  Text discussions encourage thoughtful responses and cultivate a sense of story. Teachers elicit opinions and comparisons of characters, setting, and plot, and introduce Georgian authors.

Georgian Dance


Performing Arts




We provide an environment where young students can be expressive, and improve their communications skills, all the while having fun. 

Music Class
Visual Arts

   Our classes familiarize students with art-related terminology and technique by working on drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, ceramic and illustration. Landscape, still life, and portrait art will be covered. With guidance from their art teacher, students will be able to illustrate books or create characters from the stories they learn in the Georgian Academy.

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